Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gobble, gobble 2010

My favorite memories from this year's Thanksgiving in France is the good food and the even better company! We spent the day with our friends the Reynold's, the Jones' and the Shepherd's. Four American families living in France! As an American living in Paris, I want my children to keep certain traditions from the States and Thanksgiving is definitely one of them!

Jennifer made these adorable turkey nut cups that were filled with all kinds of goodies: candies, nuts and chocolates.

Tad & Sophie Reynolds were our very kind and generous hosts.
Thank you Tad & Sophie! 
We had such a great time!

We hung out in the kitchen to put together the last minute preparations. Sophie and Tad made a turkey for the first time ever and I can sincerely say it was one of the most flavorful, moist and juicy turkeys I have ever eaten! Bravo to the cooks!
It felt so good to spend time with other Americans and speak English! We really had a fun time!
There were 8 adults, 10 children and 2 teens present. (Those two teenagers somehow escaped the camera, so no evidence that they really graced our presence!) The Reynold's children speak English and French fluently, but when they get together with our children, they usually switch over to French. The Shepherd's arrived in France in September and they have 5 children who don't yet speak French fluently. This is awesome for our children because if they want to play - and they do - they are forced to use their English.

Did I mention the food was really good? My favorites? Jennifer's stuffing, Sophie's sweet potatoes (and the turkey, of course!), Jody's rolls and my corn casserole. You can get the Corn Casserole recipe here. I need those other recipes, ladies!
Thanks friends for making our Thanksgiving so wonderful!


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