Thursday, April 1, 2010

A fishy April Fool's Day

The French call it
(April fish)
and the big joke
is to get a hand-drawn fish taped on your back.
I'm not sure about the origins of this folklore...
But anyways....

I switched some of Alex's notebook covers so he'd be confused in class...
I also covered all of Alex and Elena's notebooks and textbooks and the insides of their backpacks with poissons d'avril in every color in the rainbow...
I put a poisson d'avril on Gabriela's pacifier for naptime at pre-school...

...And what a surprise when Alex went to pour his milk and it came out green!
Just like in a dream...
I've never gotten much into April Fool's Day jokes, but I saw some really cute things on a few blogs that inspired me to get in on the fun! Careful kids, next year I'll have some new tricks up my sleeves. Check out these posts for cute ideas: My Mix of Six and Not so Idle Hands...


Bistro bench makeover

Once upon a time there was an old stinky bench sitting in a pile of trash.
I picked it up while no one was looking.
I hoped even harder that my husband wouldn't see it.
But he did.


It sat in the garage for months and months and months and months.

I had plans....
But I didn't know what.

The winter was harsh.
I didn't feel like working on my bench in my garage in below freezing temperatures.

My husband got antsy.
He offered to take it to the dump - several times.

Then one day I discovered Lola B's....
....when suddenly I happened upon an old bench turned shabby chic.

It was a revelation.
And it looked so easy...
...for me who has never done this kind of thing before.
  I loved it.
It was so fun.
I was smiling the whole time I was working. Well, almost. ;)


And the bench lived happily ever after...

 I'm going to attack my kitchen table and benches next! be continued...

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