Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to school photos 2011

The children eventually wound down to a peaceful slumber last night but not too early! My daycare children are on vacation and grateful am I because that meant a peaceful back to school and I was able to dedicate my attention 100% to my kiddos. All went smoothly until Alex found out who his teacher is this year. That followed by taking his medicine (he has laryngitis), and finally trying to sneak toys and drawing materials to school made him a total grump ball. I'm pretty sure he was angry at me and the whole world this morning, but once he got to school and saw all his friends, he was all smiles. I was reassured.

Elena was content and calm this morning, but quickly intimidated by all the students and teachers. She has the same teacher Alex had two years ago and that seemed to reassure her. She's a serious student and a sweet girl. I'm sure she'll be fine. Gabriela was giddy all morning and such a brave girl. Once we got to her class, her face turned red and there were tears in her eyes, but she stuck her chin out and said good-bye to me with a big hug. Her teacher greeted her with a warm smile and a big kiss on the cheek! I was reassured, but what are all these emotions???? I've been so looking forward to back to school, I surprised myself as I choked back tears! That said, I've had such a peaceful day and have gotten so much done!

So what do you think? Did my kiddos change over the summer?
Looks like Gabriela and Alex may have exchanged grumpy vs. happy faces!

And here's a few flashback photos!

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Until next time....
I'm off to finish 10 loads of laundry and make applesauce!


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