Thursday, November 24, 2011

the thankful tree

5661 miles (9110 kilometers) away from home on this Thanksgiving day. A little homesick, but very grateful for this time of the year and this special holiday. Just wishing I could eat turkey today with my mom and dad and brothers and sisters in California....

If I had made a thankful tree this year like I wanted to, this is what you'd find on those little tags....
  • hot showers
  • yummy smelling shower gel
  • everything that smells yummy
  • a warm bed
  • a warm and cozy home
  • a loving husband that is good to me
  • three gorgeous, healthy children
  • alex's curiosity and kind heart
  • elena's kind heart and all she teaches me
  • the way gabriela fills my heart with joy
  • changing seasons
  • bright prospects
  • good news
  • laughing with my husband
  • eating out with my husband
  • pinterest
  • my blog
  • when the endorphins kick in during gym class
  • {fred & kelsey}, {roberta & jerry}, {mike}, {melody & bryan}, {sergio} and {andrew & rachelle} 
  • cousins for my children to be forever friends with
  • news of 2 new cousins on the way!
  • long phone conversations with my mom
  • my dad's never-failing optimism
  • Jean-Albert and Francine
  • my entire family-in-law in France
  • their goodness and generosity and examples
  • american friends in france who love thanksgiving as much as i do
  • good friends
  • christmas around the corner
  • good food
  • pretty pictures that take my breath away
  • paris
  • snow
  • a loving Heavenly Father
  • a Savior and His atonement
  • the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • flowers
  • nature
things that make my heart swell with happiness, joy and gratitude
there you have it, and now i don't feel quite so homesick as before
have a wonderful thanksgiving close to the ones you love most!

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