Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days of Christmas: #6 (Advent calendars)

Counting down the days until Christmas.... isn't that part of the magic? The word "advent" comes from a Latin word that means "coming" and connotes the preparation, celebration and anticipation that embodies the Christmas season. Do you use an advent calendar? What special treats do you prepare for each day?

Bright and merry, elaborate or simple, my favorite ones are homemade, red with lots of white and very, very simple! I also love the idea of something to do rather than just a treat! After all, it's not just the anticipation but the preparation that makes the Christmas season so special! What would you include on your list of things to do in an advent calendar?

And finally, these are my own kiddos in 2011 filling their advent calendars with sugary treats - serious business!

-The Paris Busy Bee

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