Friday, February 24, 2012

A day in the life of a daycare provider in France

Elena has been an angel this morning and brought down dolls from her bedroom to entertain my two daycare children. She has a soothing, calming effect on them and by default, on me too. After a full week of having my three children home on school vacation plus my two very active daycare toddlers, this unexpected morning respite is a welcome treat! As I observe the surprisingly quiet but happy activity from my comfortable sofa, I read two articles from the Liahona, responded to a few emails and am now blogging from my cell phone (trying out a new app on my phone)!  Okay, maybe I've had a few interruptions to break up a few disputes, but I cannot complain! This much needed break has re-energized me and in spite of the gloomy weather outside, I think it will be a great day!

What are your weekend plans? We're going to visit Métro (a kind of Costco or Sam's Club à la française, detailed report to follow...), lots of work on our downstairs bathroom by my loving and dedicated husband, church on Sunday and maybe a little r&r and a movie or two.

Happy weekend!


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