Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine VI: A labor of love and a heart tree.

Being a wife and mother is a labor of love and since Valentine's Day is this month,
 I decided I would make an extra effort to give my family extra love.
So this is the Valentine project that Elena and I worked on one afternoon: a heart tree.
(Because Elena is always begging me to do crafts together and I don't always have time,
so I made darn sure to make time!)
Inspiration came from Pinterest, of course!

We started by choosing a romantic flower print of scrapbooking paper that we fed into our Cricket.

Elena programmed it to cut out perfect hearts.

Once the Cricket did all the cutting, Elena would simply peel them off the cutting sheet.

 We punched a hole in the corner of every heart.

And cut out small pieces of twine to put through each one...
...and then each heart got lovingly hung on our heart tree.
(A big branch we dragged home on our way home from school a few weeks ago!)

And this is how we worked side by side, all afternoon until we filled our lovely heart tree!
It was so fun to craft with my little Elena!

And here it is.
A touch of Valentine's Day right in my living room!
Homemade with love by Elena and me!


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