Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alex is back from Sainte Enimie!

This photo, aside from being a tear-jerker, makes me laugh (nervously perhaps!) because Alex looks like he's as tall as his dad! (Would that boy please quit growing?!) What you don't see is that Sam had swooped him up off the ground the moment he walked through the door. What a reunion! Alex admitted that he missed his Papa more than anybody else (sniff, sniff) and seeing the way Sam embraced his son, I know that this Papa missed his boy more than I had imagined!

Alex spent a full week by the Tarn river and near one of France's most beautiful villages - Sainte Enimie.

The school kept us informed by posting signs on the doors at school and photos on their blog. They went spelunking, mountain biking and hiking.

He came back looking older and a little strange with writing on his face! (One of the adult monitors wrote on his face while he was sleeping on the bus!) We're not quite sure whether or not he used a hairbrush while he was gone, but we're mostly just overjoyed to have him back!

We love you, cute boy!

P.S. His Mama and sisters also attacked him upon arrival with gigantic hugs and kisses!

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