Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday celebration for Alex

Saturday, my best boy was a happy boy and what more can I ask for? He blew out his candles and unwrapped his gifts surrounded by his family, his grandparents and some of his cousins. Looking back  at the pictures lets me relive the happy emotions that shine through in these pictures!

For dinner, we had a bit of a fondue disaster because I bought the wrong kind of cheeses that didn't melt the right way. I was a tired gal, had been up since early in the morning working on a top secret project. I didn't take many photos and they are not the best, but in the spirit of capturing memories, I've tried to pull out the best and camouflage strange red eyes with black and white photos!

One cake simply wouldn't have been enough for our 11 year old!

As the tradition goes, once the candles were blown out, the gifts appeared on the horizon and the birthday boy quickly forgot about the cakes as he delved into the task of unwrapping surprises!

He is a beautiful boy! My best boy!
(And Gabriela is just salivating over that raspberry cake!)

No matter whose birthday it is, 
Elena is always every bit as excited as if it were her unwrapping gifts for herself!

Happy happy memories!
Last night he left on his nature class for a whole week....
I miss my best boy!

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