Monday, August 13, 2012

Teaching a child how to write in a journal (free download)

Teaching a child how to write in a journal can be as easy as providing some fun questions he can answer in his journal.

I got inspired here: The Sleepytime  Gal and used Nicole's list of questions to develop some more of my own. You can download a copy here: I cut up the 48 questions, folded them, and put them in a little jar Alex and Elena can pull from when they're stuck about what to write...

We had a family home evening about the importance of writing in journals. Some ideas that came up were that it could preserve memories, help us see our own growth and development and perhaps one day help our children or grandchildren learn from our experiences. We also talked about what we should write and how often. One idea that seemed to interest everyone is our attitude as we write. The general consensus we came to is that we should be ourselves as we write, tell about the good experiences as well as the difficult ones, but try to focus on the positive.

Sam read us a journal entry from his first day on his mission where he had a combination of feelings ranging from homesickness and loneliness to excitement and courage to serve a mission. It was really fun to hear what he wrote!

The ideas for our family home evening lesson came from here: Journals.

The children were really excited, Alex wrote his first journal entry last night and we gave Gabriela a simple notebook to make drawings so she wouldn't feel left out.

Today is Gabriela's birthday and we are all so excited, especially her! She is six years old today and we've got family coming over this evening for a little birthday dinner. We've got some serious cleaning and prepping ahead of us today!

This week I'll be sharing some fun posts about the end of our French Alps vacation and Gabriela's birthday. We've had a change in plans and will be spending the last week of our family vacation at home. We've got fun plans in Paris and Normandy and special time with extended family.

Stay tuned...

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