Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy homemade hair curlers and girls' night

As I contemplated my two darling girls last Saturday, I wondered about a quick and easy way to curl their hair for Sunday mornings. I had a sudden flash of inspiration that I couldn't wait to try out.

The upcycling of an adorable dress that was too tattered to repair, quickly turned into a "girls' night" much to the absolute delight of my two beauties. Keep reading to learn how we did it...

I wanted soft, natural looking waves that we sometimes do using a flat iron, but I hate to use that much heat on their beautiful shiny hair and it does take extra time on Sunday mornings when we are already in a bit of a rush. Braids don't quite do the trick, so I thought of rolling small sections of their hair and tying it with a simple piece of fabric.

This is the dress that I had been saving for just such a project. It had a pocket and a few buttons that had been torn off, but the fabric was still in good shape. I cut strips that were about an inch wide, using the scissors to start the cut and then just ripping the rest of the strip with my hands. I made each strip about 6-7 inches long to make it easy to loop through and tie.

In the meantime the girls took out all kinds of beauty supplies, namely nail polish, and put on some music. I couldn't believe how excited they were about our girls' night. They were giggling and dancing and chatting happily.

Elena was my guinea pig and very patient while I tied her hair!
I wanted low waves, so I just parted the hair down the middle and went around the head, pulling not too thick strands of hair and wrapping it around two of my fingers. I then passed the strip of fabric through the loop, making sure to secure the loose ends when I tied the fabric strip. I think I used about 15-20 fabric strips on each of the girls. 
Helpful tip: sometimes I used my teeth to help me tie the knot!

Once Gabriela's hair was tied, her "beauty regimen" included a manicure and a pedicure! 
We talked about all sorts of girl things and my girls were just giddy!

Elena opted for a facial mask.

We sprayed their curls with detangler before they went to bed,
 but I think next time we'll try it on damp hair.
Oh! And I wont tie the strips so tight because they were kind of hard to remove!

Of course, we were still rushed Sunday morning
 so I only had time to take a picture of Gabriela, 
but I absolutely loved the result!
And so did my girls!
And the best part?
Our homemade haircurlers are reusable!

Isn't she a beauty?

P.S. I had my final ultra-sound this morning and saw my little boy's darling face! I was emotional!!!
The technician confirmed he will be a big boy, quite possibly another 9 pounder like my Gabi!

P.P.S. Sam and I have finally decided on a name,
but we're not telling anyone until the birth, not even our own children!

P.P.P.S. Gabriela has also decided on a name!

P.P.P.P.S. It may or may not be the same name that we have chosen!!!


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