Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gabriela's Rainbow

Hope you've had a nice weekend! We sure did!

This photo is from last Wednesday. It poured rain like I've never seen it pour before. Thank heavens we were in the warm comfort of the library! I told the children there would be a rainbow because I thought I saw some sunshine outside, but as we left the library all was gray. Later that evening as we sat down to dinner, Gabriela excitedly exclaimed: "There's a rainbow!" It was so fun to see how excited she was to see what she claimed to be her very first rainbow ever.

Ever since school started, Gabriela wakes up with a smile on her face before she can even open her eyes! It's as if she has discovered how delicious life can be and she greets each day and new adventure with enthusiasm and love. She loves school, she loves to learn how to read, she loves the days her class goes to the gym and the swimming pool and she loves her Thursday evening dance class. She carefully follows her School Days calendar, counts down days until the next exciting thing and welcomes each day with excited anticipation! Her enthusiam is contagious and yet those who don't know her well would never guess it because outside the comforts of her own family, she often becomes painfully shy and people wonder why she looks so sad. If they only knew the real her!

She's like the gray sky in the photo above. When the settings are just right, it's illuminated with a perfect arc of colors and beauty that excite our senses. But the conditions have to be just right! I'm glad she feels so happy in our home and family and am guessing it will only be a matter of time before her enthusiasm for life blossoms in the presence of others as well!


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