Thursday, September 27, 2012

Play with your food: lily pads and water lilies (a fresh treat)

What do kids love? To play with their food! So let them do it now and again, you'd be surprised at how much this encourages them to develop their taste buds! If you've got any leftover radishes and cucumbers from your summer garden, let your kiddos play with their food and enjoy this fresh treat!

Wash and peel cucumber and radishes. Slice and salt cucumbers and arrange on plate. Cut bottoms of radishes to create a secure base. Carve a six pointed star with the edge of the knife on top of each radish and then with a parent's help peel back the surface of the red skin to create petals. Add a little butter on top and dip in some chopped chives. Let your child play with his food! They don't look perfect? That's okay!

And voilà!
Our lily pads and water lilies topped with butter and chives!

I've got another special treat for your eyes and hearts coming tomorrow: a special guest post by a sweet blogger friend. You won't want to miss it! And next week: a tutorial to teach you how to make my famous Tarte Tatin: an upside down apple pie à la française! See you then!

Happy Thursday. I'm off to attempt some sewing!


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