Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School days chart (free download)

If you've been following my blog for a while you know how much I love to make charts to keep our family life organized! This chart helps my younger (and older) children situate themselves in time and space, it helps my youngest who is learning to read and for the trilingual household that we are it helps overcome a unique challenge: my kids ofen get the days of the week mixed up and this chart helps them keep them straight at a single glance (for the literate ones, that is...)!

I made a large chart this year to make it easier for my youngest to understand since she doesn't yet read. It didn't fit on one page so I just print, cut and pasted individual squares onto two larger sheets of construction paper. Here is the document that you can download for free and modify and adapt to your family: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxKYl7rlUHrCWk9xR28yb2VZNXc

Just a few tips:
  • The days and activities are off-set in the chart because I wanted to cut it out and paste it on a larger sheet. I ended up using two large pieces of construction paper.
  • I color-coded the days and used images and words to help my "emergent" reader.
  • I included shower days because that way it's not Mama that says that they need to shower, it's the chart! End of battle. My kids haven't yet hit puberty and so in my book they don't yet need daily showers (unless they've exercised or gotten unusually dirty)!
  • We included their Papa's schedule because he has a rotating schedule and they like to know if he's coming home early or late.
  • All images are from Microsoft Word clipart.

I have a few other free printable downloads you might enjoy:
Summer charts - the kids still use these occasionally to help remind them of certain things they need to do during a typical day.
Chore jar - this continues to work like a charm even though "Go pull a chore out of the chore jar," usually elicits a few grumbles, but then it's not Mama telling them to clean the stairs or the toilets, it's the chore jar! End of battle! And if they do grumble, they get another chore!
Journal questions - The kids like these, but they're still not writing regularly, so I think I need to choose a specific time for journal writing.

Have fun!


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