Friday, October 5, 2012

A few things...

I've been in a frenzy of busy activity in preparation for my little boy's arrival: cleaning, washing, sorting, getting rid of things, re-arranging, decorating and making his little nest as cozy as can be. My painful waddle doesn't stop me, only slows me down a bit, and I admit I perhaps overdo-it a bit and end up a little on the cranky side by the time the evening rolls around!

This morning has been dedicated to shopping for some last minute baby things and gifts for a special birthday girl and working on a sewing project that I'll be sharing with you next week. Here's a sneak preview.

Today is Elena's birthday and she went to school with 30 banana bread cupcakes for her classmates. Tonight's special birthday dinner menu is ready and I've got two cakes to bake this afternoon. I gave my little beauty lots of birthday hugs in the morning and she was just glowing! She is so excited to be 9 years old!

This weekend will be a special one dedicated to hearing inspired words of wisdom and love... Heaven knows I'm in need of a little encouragement and guidance these days!

I hope you have a happy, relaxing, enjoyable weekend close the ones you love most.

Bisous xoxo


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