Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Miss Elena turns 9

She is my Beauty. The first time I laid eyes on my dainty 6 pound Elena at birth, the first word that came to mind was beauty. And if you can dare believe it, she is even more beautiful on the inside. She is filled with goodness, kindness, thoughtfulness, love and joy! And oodles and oodles of mischief! And now she's 9 years old! Already!

She requested homemade apple cupcakes following our hearty meal of raclette. Here's her Papa, stealing one away just moments after she blew out the candles. She also begged us for a dog or the next best thing: a book with 1001 photos of dogs!

How lucky and blessed I am to have these beautiful children in my life! They are extraordinary! Even though sometimes they drive me a bit nutty! And when I think that there will be one more in just a short time away! That just blows my mind away!

And as if one cake was not enough,
she also requested a crackly chocolate frozen cake from Picard.
Because eating chocolate on one's birthday is serious business!

Of course, you can imagine her happiness 
when she discovered Just Dance 4 underneath some red and white striped gift wrap! 
And then the dancing began!

Happy, happy birthday to my Beauty!

Later this week I'll be sharing a simple baby sewing project with you,
but in the meantime Paris calls.
This time it's a trip to be a guest on the French version of the Price is Right (Le Juste Prix)!!!
I'll be reporting back later in the week!

Happy day to you!
-Busy as a Bee in Paris


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