Monday, October 15, 2012

Making a Boppy (nursing cushion) cover

Inspiration to refresh an old Boppy (nursing cushion) came from here
It's easy and inexpensive. Here's how....

1. Choose your fabric. I chose two different coordinating fabrics, one for each side, just for fun. Blue of course, because I'm having a boy! 

2. Spread your two layers of fabric on a flat surface, then place your old Boppy cover on the fabric and smooth it out.

3. Pin it in place all the way around the edges.

 4. Trim all the way around the outline of the old Boppy cover, leaving a bit of a margin.

5. Using your sewing machine, stitch around the edges of the two layers of fabric with the outsides facing in, being careful to leave a margin. I sewed twice to make sure the stitch was nice and secure. Make sure you leave an opening at the top so that you can put the cushion inside of the cover.

6. Turn your cover right side out and using the opening you left at the top, dress up your Boppy. 

8. Make sure you push the ends of your cushion snugly into the cover, then, folding in the two layers of fabric, use a simple stitch and hand sew the opening closed.

And voilĂ , you've got a new Boppy cover. I threw the whole thing in the washing machine on a baby (gentle) cycle and low spin. I used mild detergent and then let it air-dry in the sun. It smells and looks wonderful and it's all ready for nursing baby boy Babin, who should be arriving very soon now!

This week, I'll also be unveiling our baby nook in our master bedroom and sharing with you some of my tips for furbishing and organizing my girls' pretty wardrobes, for very little money.

Happy Monday!
Bisous xoxo


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