Friday, October 26, 2012

ONEmoms can make a difference - all we need is your voice

There are days in my life when I want to make a difference in the world beyond my own family. A chance to maybe not end, but at least ease world suffering and hunger and extreme poverty for some of God's children... One of my favorite bloggers, Design Mom, recently went to Ethiopia with a group of mom bloggers to observe first hand the ONE Campaign. I've been following her posts and feel touched and inspired to join my voice to help fight against extreme poverty, particularly in Africa.

Photo used with permission by Gabrielle Blair.

These are some of Gabrielle's blog posts detailing the ins and outs of her singular and moving trip to Ethiopia. They are awe-inspiring and filled with gorgeous photos of the landscape, the Ethiopian people and the beautiful children.

To better understand what ONE is, read the following excerpts taken from chookooloonks::

ONE is a "nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa." doesn't raise money or grants:  ONE is almost completely funded by its board members and by foundations... and therefore, it never, ever asks for money from the general public. ​


​What they do ask for, however, is your voice.  

The more members ONE has, the louder ONE's voice is, and the more governments sit up and pay attention. And in turn, hopefully, the more good happens on the ground.

***You can read the entire article here: countdown to ethiopia (and about that one campaign)

Would you like to join ONE Mom?
It's easy (you can do it by filling out the form below) and your information is kept confidential.

It's a beautiful campaign and I hope you'll join me with your voice!
Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend!


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