Monday, October 22, 2012

Rosewood wreath tutorial

This morning I've got a crafty tutorial for you. A rosewood wreath that's made with an old book, a foam wreath form and some hot glue. You can fully expect to burn your fingers, but with a little patience you'll finish your rosewood wreath in no time at all! Here's how...

As you'll notice in the photos below, my foam wreath form is cut in a funky way. That's because I didn't have one, so I did the next best thing. I had a square pad of foam from some packaging and just did my best to cut out a wreath form with some scissors. If you've got an old book, before throwing it away, tear out the pages to use for some rosewood paper roses.

You'll want to cut circles and then cut spirals into the circles as shown in the photo above, that you will use you' little fingers to wrap into the shape of a rose. To make your rose look nice and full, use two sheets of paper that you cut, then wrap at the same time.

Start from the outside of your spiral (and NOT the innermost part) and fold the ends in until you can start wrapping the spiral around and around, trying to keep the base as flat as possible. It will be uneven and that's okay because that's what gives the rose it's natural charm.

Using your hot glue gun, you'll want to generously pile on the hot glue on the underneath part of your rose. This is the tricky part because you've got to use the fingers on one hand to keep the rose from unraveling, and your other hand to squirt on the hot glue. (If you're wondering why I didn't take any photos, it's because I kept burning my fingers with the hot glue!) Act fast! Squish your newest rose right in next to the previous ones and then keep going around and around until you've filled in all the empty spaces.

Little by little your rosewood wreath will begin to take shape and the funnest part will be deciding where to hang it! I still don't know where I'll put mine...

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